Your guardian Aigent

AI has become an arms race where we increasingly have to compete against industrial scale, Goliath like artificial intelligence systems. metaMe is our slingshot and intelligence equalizer.

Show Me How

An Aigent trained on your data, dedicated to you

Use your data to power your personal Aigent.

metaMe uses your data to train your personal Aigent (AI agent). Your Aigent in turn helps you extract value from your data and use it to improve your life safely, in ways that do not harm you. metaMe gives your personal information a home and an AI dedicated to protecting you and your needs.

metaMe works for you


Give your data an intelligent home

All your data in one place, safely encrypted, accessible to you and your Aigent alone. Your Aigent decides who sees what, when based on rules you teach it. We’ve got your back but not your data – we can’t access what’s yours.


Train your Aigent to serve you

Your Aigent uses your data to learn about you and dedicate itself to serving you and your needs. The more of your data you collect the better it becomes at understanding you and bringing what you value to you.


Earn from your data safely

Your data is a powerful resource and valuable currency. Create iQubes (previously mPods) you can share with others anonymously, identifiably, confidentially or publicly as you choose.


Use your Aigent to improve your life

metaMe is an intelligence amplifier and personal assistant. It can optimize your outputs and performance while automating boring things like paying bills and booking travel, giving you more time for life and fun.


Dele Atanda

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Technology is changing the face of our planet and the fabric of our societies in ways hitherto unimaginable. I strive to be counted among those who have made it more empathetic and successful in advancing humanity and humanness.

Peter Bidewell

Chief Marketing Officer

I have always sought to make the complex simple and the ambiguous clear. For me, the real value in emerging technologies comes when they align with our goals, our values and ourselves, to simplify and enrich our lives.

Shyam Duraiswami

Chief Technology Officer

Rapid progress can result in a reconfiguration of the world state, which can be stressful. As an enabler, I aim to find ways for the emerging set of tools to reduce stress and empower us all to be better versions of ourselves.

Dr. Samantha Nazareth

Chief Medical Officer

I close my eyes and imagine a world where technology helps us treat people in inclusive and holistic ways. I enjoy teaching healers and healthcare organizations about emerging technologies that enrich people and communities at large.


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