Power to You

Your data is yours to own, use and monetise however you choose. We empower you to gain full control of your digital self, so you’re free to explore how your data can enrich your life.

Show Me How

Give your digital
self some TLC

The Internet is Broken

We’re all a bit all over the place these days – or at least digitally. Give the digital you a little care and keep it safely in one place.

metaMe works for you


Rightfully own & secure your digital self

Put all your data in one safely encrypted place that only you own and control. We’ve got your back but not your data – we can’t access what’s yours.


Make data pods that are safe to share

MetaPods can hold bits of your data securely. They can be anonymous and you decide who gets them and for how long.


Data is the new oil, so make some money

Brands offer you money in exchange for using certain bits of your data, in the metaMe marketplace.


Let your data make your life better

metaMe is a clever personalised assistant. This means you can use it to automate the boring things in life like paying the gas bill and booking flights, while you free up time for good thing.


Dele Atanda

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Technology is changing the face of our planet and the fabric of our societies in ways hitherto unimaginable. I strive to be counted among those who have made it more empathetic and successful in advancing humanity and humanness.

Peter Bidewell

Chief Marketing Officer & Founding Team Member

I have always sought to make the complex simple and the ambiguous clear. For me, the real value in emerging technologies comes when they align with our goals, our values and ourselves, to simplify and enrich our lives.

Shyam Duraiswami

Chief Technology Officer & Founding Team Member

Rapid progress can result in a reconfiguration of the world state that can be stressful. As an enabler, I aim to find ways that the emerging set of tools can reduce stress and empower us all to be better versions of ourselves.


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